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Dive Report Dutch Springs 1 June 2008
ScouterJT - 6/02/2008 8:31 AM
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Darn alarm half past zero o’clock on a Sunday did I really agree to meet Fabio at 6 a-blooming-m !!!

Yeppers. We met on schedule and hi-ho hi-ho, it’s off to Dutch we go great day for diving and made great time in the Dutch parking lot by 7:15. They opened the Season Pass gate about 7:45 and we were able to snag some tables in the shade on the peninsula side.

At one time or another, myself, Fabio, Jackie, Tia, Jon, Mark, Greg, Christine, Tim, Dana and assorted other characters (Elwin?, Keith?, Kevin?, Bill?, JohnC?) all managed to be in the pool at the same time.

And congrats to Jon for completing all of his student dive work for DM.

So, diving ... had some really nice dives. Fabio was a great buddy ... first dive hit the trolley and the junked out car behind it. Second dive was to the hole best visibility there I have ever seen. Fabio claims to have seen a dead fish (well, at least he didn’t offer it his regulator ...).

We then had a great lunch props to Jackie’s sister for all of the cold cuts and fixings.

After lunch, Jon guided a pod of certified divers from the cabin cruiser to the trolley. We then navigated to the 6x and back to the trolley along the ridge. Finally back to the platforms after swimming past the cabin cruiser. Too bad that Jon’s computer only goes into compass mode for 15 seconds at a time ...

Last dive was the great cement tanker loop Silver Comet - cabin cruiser - Cessna - deep platform - rusted boat - platform - firetruck (well, we scooted around the edge of the firetruck) school bus - training platforms. That is a really long dive; but somehow always seems to have my best air consumption.

With a stop for ice cream, it was hugs and kisses (and hand shakes) all around and into the cars for the drive back to reality.