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The Oriskany and Vortex Springs
Joanie - 5/27/2008 2:35 PM
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Category: Travel
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What an awesome experience this was! As you start down the safety line the visiblity is limited to slightly beyond your dive buddy’s face. Then all of a sudden..WOW! It is one of the most amazing sites. Suddenly right before your eyes there is this tremendous ship surrounded by numerous aquatic animals. The fish swim right to your face, look right into your eyes as if to welcome you into their world. The quietness and stillness of the surroundings lulls you into a peaceful tranquility that beckons you to move forward to inspect the wonders awaiting you down below. At first glimpse, you see an incredible ship with other divers exploring it in a backdrop of just enough light to make it a stunning setting. As you move closer the fish continue their own journey only occasionally acknowledging your presence. The different species of life growing on the ship increase the feeling of serenity. The most impressive sight for me however, was the proud display of the American flag. The willowing of the flag simulated the movements of the ocean and were reminiscent of watching the flags fly over other monuments on land. It was truly a spectacular and heart warming site. I enjoyed this dive more than any I can remember. I wish our down time had been longer so we could explore the ship more; guess that means I’ll just have to go back again soon!!!