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Posted by dandan1000
dandan1000 - 1/11/2007 12:00 AM
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ISRAELI COMMANDO`SNaval Commando Flotilla The Naval Commandos began operating before the establishment of the State of Israel, as a naval strike force in the Palyam (Sea Company). Towards the end of 1949, the two commando forces were unified to create the naval commando fleet. Up to 1959, the year in which the commandos were not permitted to wear a distinctive unit badge, the existence of their unit was not publicized. Even today, naval commando methods of operation and organization are kept under a cloak of secrecy. Two guiding principles govern naval commando doctrine: 1. Every defense system is vulnerable. 2. The enemy can deal with weapons and operational methods that are known; for that reason, naval commandos use imagination, daring and initiative, to create situations which cannot be anticipated. Naval Commandos Course: Israel Navy commandos receive intensive combat infantry training as well as naval surface and special underwater operations. Israel naval commandos are trained to destroy enemy craft using a wide variety of methods to undertake ground operations at a high level of proficiency. During the 20 month-long course, , participants are required to display resourcefulness, initiative, possess the willpower and physical and emotional capacities to face challenges which almost exceed the threshold of human endurance.