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The beginning
Posted by ShamuStar
The beginning
ShamuStar - 5/05/2008 10:35 PM
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Today is a great day. I earned my open water certification through SSI. I am based in Boston right now, but am moving to Miami, FL to work at an aquarium.

We dove two days in Hathaway’s pond in Hyannis, MA. I’d say the biggest challenge was the temperature. I think something is seriously warm if I start to think that 54-degree water is balmy. The first day I had some mild hypothermia in the extremities. But had the BEST shower in my entire life when I got home. That shower was better than sex, chocolate and sleep. Never again will there be a shower like that.

Working at an aquarium I’m use to seeing fish, but these dives were the first time I had seen fish literally face to face. There was a beautiful 7-10 inch bass, just hanging out beneath a dock. There was also schools of perch and we even saw an eel.

As a beginner, I am so eager to continue diving. I’ve decided that I want to get some specialty certs and become a rescue diver. Maybe it’s a bit ambitious right now, especially since I have no money. I’m trying to decide whether it’s better to buy the gear first or continue renting. Then there is the issue of what I should buy first. I’m thinking my next purchase will be a computer, then do nitrox training. That seems to be the most for the money. Then I think a BC, reg, etc. Well, actually, my snorkle leaks, I think it’s something with the purge valve. I probably should buy a new one of those first.

It was a strange feeling being in deep water. Our deepest dive was 45 feet, but in training we only had a 13.5 ft pool. I wasn’t scared, but definitely felt eager when I was suspended in limbo. I looked up and couldn’t see the surface, looked down and only saw darkness. That’s when I wish I could have held my buddy’s hand, but it was too damn cold.

I’m 22, so I’m fairly certain I have a long dive life ahead of me. My ultimate experience would be to dive with whale sharks. I’m the first person out of my entire family and extended family who is SCUBA certified. I think to a lot of people it’s a shock. I’m normally not the adventurous outdoorsy type of person. It certainly is against my personality, but I think that’s what I enjoy about it.

I can’t wait to get down to Miami. I hope I can find a dive shop with some cheap deals and maybe a reliable buddy. I can’t wait to get into the water again!