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life is good, relatively speaking
divebumNsandyeggo - 5/02/2008 7:45 PM
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greetings - i haven’t had much time to blog lately, as life has been crazy hectic the past few weeks. i’m still working at DiveUS during the week, and things are going pretty well there. we finished cleaning up the last of the order delivery issues a few weeks back, completed re-organizing the inventory, and added two more people to the team (both really good hires it turns out). at the moment we’re adding products to the estores - bare, mares, and tilos at the moment, with oms and h2o odyssey to follow. sales have been picking up as well, i think mainly because of the summer season, but hopefully also due to some of the other things we’re doing. we started a newsletter in april, the second installment of which comes out on may 15th. we’re trying to do a different sort of newsletter actually - a bit of stuff on clearance and feature sales, but more information directed at improving diving skills. in april we wrote a short article about different kinds of kick strokes (see the diveus myspace page if you’re interested, as we’re also posting them there). this month begins a three part series on effective buoyancy control.

on other fronts (and the main reason i’m so busy at the moment), i’ve been working as a divemaster on horizon’s ocean adventures - the first trip was kind of a fluke actually - just being in the right place at the right time. turns out that i hit it off pretty well with the crew, so last week they called me back to work a trip to san clemente island. tonight i’m headed out with them to dm a trip to catalina, the last channel island that i have yet to dive. should be able to check that one off by sunday night. when i’m not doing that i’m working dive connections boats - turns out that one of their captains was a high school classmate of mine, which is kind of cool. beyond that, i’ve been doing a lot of guided dives out of aqua tech. of all the different things i’m doing, those are the most work, but it’s all good.

that’s pretty much it for now - i’ve got to finish packing my stuff and get down to the dock. have a great weekend all.

peace, out - marcus