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Diving in Thailand
dream_mermaid - 4/28/2008 8:41 PM
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Hi everyone! I have been having some of the best dives in my life. I came to Thailand to dive in the Similian and Surin islands with which I have been on maybe 6 times altogether. I cannot rave enough about the excellent staff most of which have worked for 7 years and the AMAZING diving. Jacque Cousteau named Richeleou Rock one of the top 10 dive sites when it was discovered. It never fails to impress. We saw 3 sea horses on one dive. There are ghost pipefish, angelfish, butterfly fish...the list is endless. Previously I have seen a frog fish there as well.

In 4 days of diving it is possible to make 15 dives. (They also have 5 day trips with 19 dives) I went on two trips back to back and am going out again today for anothe 5 night/4 day trip. Why? Because I can’t get enough. Diving with a manta ray is close to a spiritual experience in my opinion and we have seen at least one every dive. The night dives are spectacular as well. Phospherescence in the water, hunting moray eels, white tip reef sharks, huge lobsters,,,,,the quantitty of fish is mind boggling on all dives.

As some of you may know I got a severe case of the bends three years ago. Although I have done quite a bit of diving since then this is my first multi day, multi dive trip so I am soooo happy all has gone well.

Hopefully the weather won’t be so bad that they will cancel the trip. A great site for weather predictions is

Happy diving! Leila