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My new toy
Greg - 12/28/2006 12:00 AM
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Category: Photography
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My new toyI got a new dive camera for Christmas, the Sea Life 5mp digital camera with u/w housing rated to 500 feet. I love how you can plug it in to charge up the camera battery...a must for a digital camera.

As soon as I got the camera, I put tissue paper in the u/w housing and let it sit in the sink for a day. I wanted to make sure it worked before I used it with the camera :) It worked.

I`m so excited to use this camera. If there is anyone out there with tips on how to take some great photos with it, please let me know.

Thanks, Greg Davis


Greg - 9/14/2007 3:27 PM
I finally got my camera back from Sea Life! They just sent me a new (refurbished) one since the old one broke. They said it was something wrong with the housing :)
badintexas - 9/05/2007 11:41 PM
Why haven`t you taken any pictures with this and posted them?
Greg - 2/26/2007 12:00 AM
Yes I think this camera would be great for beginners. Easy to use, good pictures, case is pretty rugid.
Greg - 2/26/2007 12:00 AM
Yes, it does do the video clip...with sound...but of course there won`t be much sound underwater while in the waterproof case.
DiveRex - 2/23/2007 12:00 AM
I had the DC-310 which has taken most of my pictures. I want to upgrade but I am leaning more towards video. Does this one do the video clips like the DC-310 does?
JD - 1/14/2007 12:00 AM
I got a canon a710is for Christmas. Been really pleased with the results. Kinda learned in a screaming rush that you need to get close. I have where possible used natural light and the dive torch. Brings a new dimension to my diving. Still scared witless about it leaking though.Good luck with the photos and look forward to seeing some soon.
jeff98208 - 12/29/2006 12:00 AM
thats the exact same camera i use. if your on a night dive, and spot jellys, have your dive buddy light up the jellyfish with his/her dive light. in combination with the dive light and the external strobe, it looks way cool, the jelly is white, and the water is black. looks like some one painted it. i think i still have mine on this site. if not i`ll post it again.