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2008 log
FuzzieDives - 2/22/2008 5:13 PM
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1/25 thru 1/28: Started the year off good. Went back down to Crystal river Florida to poke Manatees. Had 13 great people with me. The critters hung out with us all Saturday morning. Getting belly rubs, and posing for pics. Then we dove the King spring. Sunday we did a drift dive in the Rainbow River. 100` visibility, fish everywhere, turtles, swimming birds, great beginner site. I`d like to thank, Bird, Rudy and Marty at Birds Underwater for helping make this possible. Fuzzie

2/10/08: I did a DAN Dive Emergency Management Program Certification. My buddy and I did Cpr (infant, child, adult), First Aid, AED, Oxygen, Advanced Oxygen, Hazardous Marine Life Injuries. Was trying for the Dan DES quest II, not sure if we made it or not. A lot of good info and skills, hope never to have to use them, glad I have them. Thanks Tony Fuzzie

2/19/08: Evening Tour of the Nassau county medical center Hyper baric chamber. A buddy of mine is a tech there, they do a great job of explaining the machinery. They also go over safe diving practices and Dan insurance. What to expect if you have to go to a chamber. Besides diving accidents, other ailments are treated in the chamber. Everything from burns, and diabetic ulcers to professional athletes trying to heal up after games. I`d like to thank Tony, and Mark for taking the time to do this.