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Ready to Dive!
sunrdivr - 2/13/2008 6:45 PM
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Category: Personal
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I got my new dive computer this week. Really happy bout that.Friday I`m ordering A new Bc, wetsuit, fins, boots,and hood.By this time next week I will have all new gear and no where to use it, unless you count filling my bath tub to capacity and doing a checkout dive there.Just last night Catman called and said he had room for me to go with them to Vortex , Morrison,and The Oriskany!Awesome.Only one problem with that.It makes the wait to go diving that much harder to endure.I`m totally excited about the dive trip.I know that we can only go as far as the flight deck but thats cool. The last time I was on flight decks it wasn`t for fun!Back then I was either getting burnt, blown around,or ducking planes on a daily basis.I`m looking forward to the springs too.I went one time before to Vortex but had a less than pleasurable experience.I was new to diving then, wasn`t properly weighted and had a horrible time staying down.I finally just gave up!Not this time, oh no, I will stay down if I have to latch on to somebody.So any way here I am,chomping at the bit, ready to go,but nowhere to go!Arrrr!