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Finding compatible Gear
hansonb - 1/26/2008 7:58 AM
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Category: Personal
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Seems like everywhere I go to search for dive gear options I only find shops that are pushing one brand or another. I`ve been looking at the Sherwood Wisdom 2 computer and instrument console but with the MK25 and S600/R390 primary and octo. I`ve found good success with Henderson for suits but now I`m wondering if I should stay mainly with just ScubaPro items other than the Sherwood controls. I continue to hear more about the Zaegle Ranger BCD but I haven`t found a shop that carries the equipment and will consider letting me test it out for possible purchase. Just getting a non-biased response is half of my problem. If I keep looking and asking questions I wonder if I will finally find the honest answers I`m searching for.


h2ofria - 4/01/2008 8:50 PM
I had the same questions you do about why shops only carry certain lines. The most logical answer I have heard is that: Maintaining and repairing dive equipment is a life or death business so dive shops have to be experts in taking care of whatever lines they carry. They just don’t have the staff to train people in all the different manufacturers equipment lines. Sort of like car dealers.