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Thinking through NITROX
Posted by BobC.
Thinking through NITROX
BobC. - 1/25/2008 11:31 AM
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Category: Educational
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I was reading a great article on a site you may want to consider checking out: . I`m generally a suspicious guy when it comes to the marketeers of the world, and as I get older I see a lot of systems designed to sell things to folks that may not, in the end, give them a lot of benefit, and could hurt them. I also see it in my job of firefighting...constant pressure nozzles being one incredibly bad idea (Right Indybob?). But I the article on Nitrox for a good education on the perceived vs. actual benefits, and let me know what you think.


NJ_Wreck_Diver - 4/03/2008 8:36 PM
d methods are better than anyone elses. They have been that way as long as I can remmeber, and it kind of stinks but there is a good safety record out there. I have fond that they are not the only SCUBA Snobs that are out there, a lot of the Cavers are that way, and the DIR guys are even worse.

Bottom line, most of the info. he provides is worth it’s weight in gold, and even though it may not all apply to you, it is still good information. Plus it’s FREE.
anemone - 1/30/2008 8:49 PM
Sorry Bob, I think a lot of this article is just self-opinion (besides the technical stuff).I am nitrox certified,have been for several years and would rather use it than air. The writer states that divers use nitrox for extended bottom times. I have never used it for that,and most of the divers I know do not use it for that. We like how it reduces our surface intervals, as we tend to do as many dives as we can in one day, and we like how it makes us feel, (I personally do not "fatigue" with nitrox like I do with air.) May be in my head, but it works for me. I have not spent extra money for a nitrox computer, mine can do both air and nitrox. I prefer a 28 or 32% mix, I do not go deeper than 130 feet, and do not feel that just because I dive nitrox I can dive sloppy. Read what you will with a grain of salt. Check with your dive shop, if they are reputable,they will shoot straight with you .My guys did, and I trust them.
OcalaJim - 1/26/2008 9:21 PM
I agree with the previous 2 posts. It seemed that the writer`s biased opinions got in the way of the real benefits of using Nitrox. I personally use Nitrox on all of my dives up to 130ft and plan my mixes accordingly.

The other bias in the article seemed to be the price of equipment used for Nitrox. Oxygen sensors are not cheap, but, you REALLY need one if you dive Nitrox. As far as your regulators, most come factory equipped to handle 40% EAN. I don`t know that people should be looking at price when it comes to life preservation.

Less nitrogen for me, please!
scubadave - 1/26/2008 4:15 PM
Not quite sure what to think??? What is he trying to say, people shouldn`t dive because they can get lost? Sounds like this guy is just pissed off because he`s been on a boat or two where he couldn`t get where he wanted. I do agree that you really don`t need nitrox for a single 60` dive in 40 degree water, but the right mix wouldn`t hurt you either. A lot of the benifits of nitrox at recreational depths show appear in a multiple dive day. I guess the idea would be to learn how to use it and figure out for yourself when you feel it is appropriate and when you don`t. I think the most important thing on the page appears at the bottom... "I make no claim as to the accuracy, validity, or appropriateness of any information found in this website." Why would someone spend time to offer information that is not accurate, valid or appropriate anyway?