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pirate72 - 1/24/2008 9:01 AM
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Category: Educational
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On the Discovery Channel or on Discovery HD look for a program called "Sharkman". The program aired during last years Shark Week, but it wasn`t advertised much. Now it`s on re-runs, and I`ll guarantee you won`t be disappointed. It is about this guy named Michael Rutzen from South Africa, who owns a company ( that takes people cage diving with great white sharks. The documentary is about his quest to put a great white into a state that is known as tonic immobility. He starts with smaller sharks and works his way up to the great white. Without revealing any more details, to me this was by far the best shark show I`ve ever seen. What this guy is doing is just amazing, and you`ll see sharks from a whole different angle. Make sure you`ll watch this and then I`ll see you shark diving! Alex


cellodiver - 2/06/2008 7:33 PM
I LOVED that program!!! I actually looked for it time and time again. I can`t wait til it is available to own. It was amazing to see him balance the shark in his hand!! I would love to be able to do that....maybe someday! For right now I would just settle for seeing some in the wild on a dive.