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Florida Springs Dive
RigHunter - 1/22/2008 11:10 AM
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Category: Travel
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Well what can I say about diving Vortex Springs in January? Insane comes to mind to start with. With average air temps of 40 degrees and water temps between 65 and 68 degrees, it was a disaster for my open water students. We actually had to get into the water to keep warm! It may have been ok if we all had dry suits, but that was not the case. I will have some pictures to upload real soon I hope. It was fun all in all because we made the best of what we had, but for sure something to think about when trying to make that dive in the winter even in Florida. On a positive note, Vortex Springs has changed ownership. They are cheaper and have more options available. We talked to the owner and he seemed like a pretty cool guy.


dalehall - 2/02/2008 11:18 AM
LOL.. I know this story all too well. We dove Vortex back in January of 2007. Air temp was 52 degrees. Water was the same 68.. Dive Buddy and I both in wetsuits. That was a cold day to dive for us Southern Folk. I would like to go back and see how things are under new management. (In the summer) **D**