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Diversity - Acceptance or Tolerance
MostestGanpa - 1/02/2008 12:02 PM
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Category: Personal
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Diversity - Acceptance or ToleranceI`ve never been one for political correctness or walking softly and I find that dialogue is the bridge to successful everything! Let me prefice this blog with a question I was recently asked by my neighbor... "Why are you always doing WHITE stuff?" One of my co-workers and dearest friends with whom I introduced to the sport and as also become an avid fan and participant share the she was asked a similar question not to long ago. There are presumed assumptions that certain segments of life belong exclusively to certain persons, races, genders etc... by posing this question my neighbors in essence was asking me WHY ARE YOU DOING SOMETHING YOU`RE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE DOING BECAUSE YOU`RE BLACK! I have two best friends on this planet; one is a tad shade lighter then I (Derrick)and the other is of the lighter hue... let`s just call him white (Mark). Mark and I have been friends for centuries (by the way he`s not a diver and I can`t play basketball). Some years ago he and his wife were looking for a house, we were sitting in my yard and I suggested that he look at the house behind me (man that would`ve been great). Marks` response was I do think you`re neighbors would be as accepting as you. Why? I ask. Mark and Jamie (wife) are of German descent and celebrate certain customs associated with that culture and me and my wife are usually there and vice-versa when my wife and I celebrate aspects of our culture. Mark candidly replied "YOU DON`T TOLERATE ME, YOU ACCEPT ME". I knew exactly what he was saying! We talked in length about the difference between acceptance and tolerance and came to the conclusion that soon after we had become friends we stop seeing color in each other simply because WE WERE FRIENDS! I wanted to know what made Mark tick and he wanted to know what made me tick. Mark taught me to make these sausages using some part of a sheep (don`t ask me anymore about that, though they were pretty good), I showed Mark how to braid hair! (I was a single parent at one time, had to learn). Race relations is a difficult thing to talk about... I`ve never experienced anything but brotherhood (and sisterhood), solidarity and comradary here in this community however I`ve had one or two uncomfortable moments in other diving venues in the public area. There are few blacks in this sport and that doesn`t bother me. I not here to invade anyones space (though it is a mighty big ocean), to impress nor make a point. I`m here because I am a diver and I love to dive and will dive as long as God is willing. I thought about blogging this anonymously but we really should be pass the fear of talking about such things and should do so until we truly ACCEPT one another and celebrate each others heritage. For me and I`m sure many others, it`s not a WHITE`s a wet thing! Dive Well Maurice


ScouterJT - 7/11/2008 1:54 PM
If you are ever thinking of heading up to Dutch Springs, let me know I’m always looking for new dive buddies
firehorse5 - 5/20/2008 3:49 PM
Hey Maurice, caught your Cali blog and then I read this one. I never really thought about culture as a diver before; it never dawned on me to notice diversity-or lack thereof. I thought about all the dive buddies I’ve met and could only think of three that were ’non-caucasion’ ethnic background. None of them have a divebuddy profile. (I’m working on it!) It’s a shame that someone would feel restricted from doing something based on their race. I for one believe there are two kinds of divers; those that are making bubbles, and those on a surface interval. :D Happy Diving! Post pics from Cali!!!!! (I’m jealous!)