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South Padre Island Input
csemenko - 12/24/2007 6:15 PM
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Category: Travel
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UPDATED: 31 DEC 08. Trip was a success.

I need some input on South Padre Island diving. My wife and I are going there for a week and we want to dive. Does anyone have information on shore diving (locations, guides, shops, etc) in the area. We are also interested in some off shore boat diving (rigs, wrecks, etc.). Any information will be helpful. Worst case scenario, I`ll post what I find out while I`m there exploring. Thanks, Merry Christmas and keep blowing bubbles.


csemenko - 1/05/2008 8:23 PM
Okay, we dove the 31st of December 2007. Calm seas; however, the weather from the previous days caused 20 foot green visibility. The flash on my camera was useless. The Texas Clipper was covered with a thin layer of silt and lots of Snapper and Silver Sides. A few Man-o-Wars still floating on the surface; however, we did not run into them when surfacing or entering the water. In South Padre the Jetties at the South end of the island offer poor visibility at this time of year; however, there are turtles, dolphins, and a variety of fish in the water to see (heard tale of octopus, but never saw any). Lots of boat traffic and fishermen in this stay alert and be courteous. Kohnami Sushi and Japanese Steak House (great food)...spendy so don`t get sticker shock. Good luck and Good diving.
csemenko - 12/29/2007 9:52 PM
It is Saturday the has been causing poor visibility, so shore diving is poor right now. The jetties on the South Side have Dolphins and fishermen. Food on the Island is killer (so far). Personally I can recommend Yummies (708 Padre Blvd), great for breakfast and lunch (no complaints about the food yet, 4 meals so far). There is a Sushi/Japanese food joint, which has some great food as well (a bit spendy, not too bad though) won`t leave hungry. Dirty Al’s (South end of the Island) has good seafood. Weather permitting and God Willing we will be diving with American Diving ( in the morning. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks.