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The Truth About Nemo – What Disney Pixar Failed to Mention About Clownfish!
CabilaoDiving - 4/26/2020 9:45 PM
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Everybody knows what a clownfish is. They dominate reefs and you can see them almost everywhere here on Cabilao Island. These intelligent little anemone fish have become one of the trademarks of the ocean since the release of the widely successful Disney Pixar movie Finding Nemo. The film portrays clown fish as wonderfully adorable, cute, loyal and, well, polite. It’s a family-friendly film, so of course their characters are befitting to that which is suitable for all audiences. However, in reality, Nemo is a highly aggressive, territorial, sex-changing, baby-eating, incestuous little fish. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn the truth about Nemo, and how Disney Pixar lied to your kids.
The Truth About Nemo – An Aggressive, Angry Little Fish

There are around 28 different species of clownfish, all fierce and extremely protective of their anemone on which they live. These fabulous little fish have an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship with anemones, which is a great example of symbiosis.

One of the first notable things about clownfish is that they are massively aggressive. Portrayed as sweet, adorable, fearful and polite in the movie, everyone has come to believe that clownfish are like the cuddly teddy bears of the ocean. That couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, the truth about Nemo is that he is fiercely territorial, aggressive and would headbutt or even bite you for coming to close to his anemone. Forget about sharks, it’s the clown fish you’ve got to fear!
Is it a Male or Female?

Another strange fact about clownfish is ...