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Scuba Diving: Packing Smart for Your Next Diving Adventure
Kat3rina - 7/09/2019 2:58 PM
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Scuba Diving: Packing Smart for Your Next Diving AdventureScuba diving is definitely one popular ocean activity, but as much as it is exciting, the preparation can be a bit overwhelming. Before leaving your nest to explore the depths of the ocean, of course, you’ll have to acquire the skill, knowledge, and the right training to make a dive successful. But perhaps the most important thing is to come prepared. You should pack the right diving equipment and know how to pack smart.

That being said, here are some packing tips.

A Month Before

• Prepare some checklists – one should contain a list of your diving equipment, one for clothing, and another one for toiletries.
• Know where to go – you should have a destination in mind, clearly. Gather important information, such as the expected water and air temperatures.
• If you have prescription meds to pack, prepare a copy of the order form to be submitted to customs inspectors and for emergency resupply purposes.

A Week Before

• Prepare a space to organize all your things. You should be able to separate things that will go into your checked bag and those that will be on your carry-on. Set aside the things that are not necessary until the day before you leave, such as your travel-size toiletries, save-a-dive kit, and your dive gear.
• Prepare two durable bags – one for checking and the other should be a duffel or backpack, something you can easily carry. It’s recommended to bring soft-sided bags because they’re more convenient to stow onboard. For those who need to carry a camera, prepare a hard case for your gear.
• Pack gear for other activities apart from diving. For example, you might have some shore excursions planned ahead – bring with you some socks and lightweight hiking shoes.
• If you’re a light sleeper, pack some earplugs. You might share a cabin with a snorer, you’ll never know.

Two Days Before

• Now is the time to pack delicate dive equipment and other sensitive gear. This includes your laptop and your regulator, which you can store in your carry-on. Your carry-on can also hold your essentials, such as medications, toiletries, swimsuit, and other clothing. Your heavy equipment and bulky clothing pieces will go into your larger bag.
• Always remember that the dress code for this kind of trip is beach casual, so you only need to pack some T-shirts, shorts, a couple of swimsuits, which you can roll or fold tightly. In case you need to dine at a local restaurant for your final meal, throw in a cute sundress or a nice shirt. Your carry-on should ideally fit all your clothing items including your underwear, so in case your checked bag doesn’t make it, you still have your own clothing with you. As for footwear, flip-flops are ideal.
• If your trip is scheduled somewhere where air temps are cool, pack wind- and water-proof jacket. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
• If you need to capture videos and photos, bring a viewing screen, a portable hard drive, flash memory cards, and plug-ins for USB. Bring some extra batteries for your gadgets too.
• Safety items like a dive light and signaling device are needed.
• Bring a dry bag!

The Night Before the Big Day

• Check your carry-on if it has all the items you want to have access to while traveling. This includes your phone and your laptop. If you want to bring some books or other reading materials, put them in your carry-on bag as well.
• Place your passport and boarding pass in an area where you can easily reach them.
• Finally, check off items on your list to ensure that you didn’t miss a thing!