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The Magic Wetsuit
h2oman - 11/24/2017 7:30 PM
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Category: Equipment
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The Magic WetsuitSo the competition is pretty steep in the fish world....all these animals under the water, eat or be eaten and then you show up, wanting to take home some fillets for some fish tacos or some fresh ceviche. Well move over Mr. Spearo, you’ve got to get in line. I am a fish and everyone is trying to eat me. Sharks, rays, fish bigger than me, dolphins. You are going to have some serious skills if you are going to catch me. I will bolt at the drop of a hat. If I moved to Hawaii to retire I wouldn’t last very long. Dr. Wong would pop into my ulua hole and smack me with a carbon hybrid model spear shaft right behind my gill rakers. Here in Florida I have the likes of Mr Kirkconnell or Ms Daye after me and my extended family. So most people would get frustrated and try to get some secret weapon...some "edge" on the competition, and like crazy athlete dopers, they would try to pay their way into that elite group of hunters. Forget paying your dues....I am going to buy a special fish wetsuit that will cloak me so you dumbies won’t be able to see me. And if you believe that then you are ripe for this little announcement. There now are humans making wetsuits that say that if the diver puts them on, they will be cloaked and the fish, sharks, rays won’t be able to see them!!

Oh, you guys are such pinfish!! Such skins are a complete waste of time!! We see you nuckle heads when you are breathing up on the surface... We see you when you splash and kick at the surface to get under to put your moves on us... We see you when you are grabbing rocks and pulling along the ledges to try to sneak up on us.... It has nothing to do with your electrical signal!!! Your smell would be more important than your electrical signal... So go ahead and believe the hype and buy that special wetsuit... The sharks won’t sense your electrical signal and they will be more likely to eat you!!!! hahahaha