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RAWalker - 12/12/2007 1:00 AM
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Streamlining is the art of keeping all you equipment, hoses, regulators and console as tucked in and close to you as possible while you dive. The reasons for streamlining are to keep from getting caught on anything, avoid harming the underwater environment and allow you to conserve energy by lowering drag.

To accomplish streamlining divers use many combinations of snaps, clips, bungies and retractors attached to the D-rings of their BCD.

It is now possible to streamline even further than in the past using breathable inflators will allow for the complete removal of the Octo and it`s hose. This still retains breathing redundancy in the event of a failure but requires the diver to switch to the breathable inflator and give their buddy the primary second stage regulator. Next step in streamlining is accomplished by the use of a computer with remote pressure sensing. This will allow the gauge console and it`s hose to also be eliminated.

At this point your regulator assembly is very simple. comming off the first stage you`ll have the low pressure hose that connects to the inflator assembly and the primary second stage regulator. You`ve eliminated 2 possible sources of hazzard.

I went this route a few months ago and have logged 7 dives on my new gear. My rig consists of a Sherwood Tortuga BCD with Gemini breathable inflator, a Oasis regulator and a Oceanic VT3 computer.

The point of why to go this route was driven home this past weekend diving around a pier with steel cables anchoring it while my buddy with standard type rig needed to be very careful while passing close by the cables I was able to pass closer without any fear of getting caught on it.