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Magical Adriatic Diving Sites
IvanaH - 11/01/2016 4:08 PM
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Magical Adriatic Diving SitesOf all the diving attractions in the world, few are more beautiful than those of the Adriatic coast. Diving enthusiasts will be hard-pressed to discover an area with a more condensed amount of diving spots, with an innumerable number of breathtaking areas to choose from, each with their own unique attractions. Here are six of the best Adriatic diving sites.

1. Bisevo Grotto

This is perhaps the best known diving spot in the Adriatic. Translated as “Blue Grotto”, this gorgeous and cascading sea cave is teeming with underwater wildlife at every corner, from fish to octopi to lobsters. There’s an abundance of mysterious crags and smaller caves to explore, and the visibility of 80 to 90 feet means you won’t miss anything!

2. Baron Gautsch

This site is renowned for being one of the Adriatic’s most beautiful wrecks. Unfortunately, its complexity means that it isn’t recommended for beginners, but if you have enough experience under your belt, this enchanting spot is one you don’t want to miss. Decorated with algae and corals in many stunning colors that have sprouted over the decades, the sunken ship houses many schools of fish and is truly an awe to behold.

3. Pakleni Otoci

Find a kaleidoscope of colors in the algae and coral reefs at this fun-filled site. From as early on as 6m, your eyes will be met with a stunning array of green and brown algae, and as you carry on deeper, spots of red and yellow will sprout alongside sponges that flash multi-colored. There’s no lack of equally colorful fish, either!

4. Wreck of the Taranto

Another advanced wreck dive, this sunken ship sank after striking an underwater mine, leaving its cargo and tractors behind for us to witness with an interested gaze today. The upper deck has remained amazingly mostly intact as the ship itself is set petulantly at a 45-degree angle, opening up its jaws for divers to visit its steam engine. Even better, a wide variety of fish have named this spot their home, adding even more to an already worthwhile trip.

5. Kornati Archipelago

Even at only recreational diving depths, taking a dip at one of the popular Kornati bays guarantees numerous sightings of marvelous fish – you don’t have to go far to witness this underwater paradise! In the meantime, there’s a wall completely coated in corals, bryozoans, and sponges that stands proudly alongside. It’s really a feast for the eyes!

6. Premuda

This small island is most famous for the Cathedral, which is a series of magnificent caves that connect to one another and are bathed in an incredible underwater light. You’ll spot more than one octopus, probably waving alongside spider crabs, amberjack, and corals that all hide within. You can even opt to go on a mini adventure through the multitude of tunnels and smaller caves. And if you’re a more experienced diver, you can check out the wreck there as well – it’s at 67m, waiting to be explored!

There you have it – the most famous and beautiful Adriatic diving sites. Each one is sure to blow your mind and expand your horizons. Diving is the best when combined with other activities, e.g. you can sail around Croatia and enjoy diving. Doesn’t that sounds great? Whatever you decide to do, we wish you
happy adventuring!