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Diving Cozumel...Thanks Black Shark Diving!!
allyj507 - 12/03/2007 10:28 AM
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Cozumel surprises again. I would like to give a huge shout out to Black Shark divers in Cozumel. They made my trip last spring more rewarding. I went down there in February of this year during the one of the worst weeks for wind that they had had up to that point. It just seemed to be storm after storm and as I was only able to get away for a long weekend, I was pretty sure I wasn`t going to be able to dive. On my last diving day I was basically going crazy since I hadn`t been able to even get in any snorkeling because of the weather, so I went downtown on the off chance that I could find a boat to dive with. I am a solo diver and usually just hook up with buddies that I meet. It is a fun way to do things, more buddies=more diving=more friends!! Anyway, I went downtown and tried to find a shop to take me out. I went to five different stores before I went to Black Shark. I walked in the door and asked if they had any boats going out...They didn`t and said it was to windy for them. However they got on the radio and put a call out to every boat going out that day..after a few rejections they found one that was going out and had room for one more...instead of making me take a taxi, they drove me down to the marina in one of their cars and got me on the boat...They then came and picked me up from the dock and brought me back to my hotel...I can`t say enough good things about them. If you are looking for a bunch of great people look no further than Black Shark Divers in Cozumel!!