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Deep Down - A Macy Davis Story
Posted by PeachyJordanScuba
Deep Down - A Macy Davis Story
PeachyJordanScuba - 10/18/2014 12:25 PM
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Deep Down - A Macy Davis StoryNote, this is a story, not informational post!

The water was a sort of frothy blue. Whales and dolphins brushed the top of the water like whip cream over a hot coco. It was cold, salty, splashing every which way. Fish swam thickly in the water below and swarms of tuna bumped the side of the boat.

Lucy hobbled over to her seat, the boat shaking and her stomach churning.

"You okay there, Luce?" Captain Logan called from the wheel. Lucy shook her head, her red curls bouncing along as she sat down. Her eyes were green, and slowly turned into a stormy gray.

Captain Logan had white hair, slicked back with salt water. A tangled white beard was on his chin, and his eyes were brown. He was the sort of man that your children would mistake Santa Clause for, the way his wrinkles were from smiling, and his cheeks were a merry red.

"We close yet, Captain?"

Maliki had walked up from the cabin below deck. His hair was brown, and he had a whole goatee. He was the guy who your dad hated, your friends smiled at, and was probably a trouble maker.

He sent a salty wink at Lucy, and she gagged silently.

Captain Logan nodded and pointed to a spot in the vast, blue ocean, "Coming up close and coming up fast."

"We better slow down." Lucy spoke, nervously, but the captain already was.

"You two better get ready." He said, and Maliki disappeared into the cabin again. Lucy got suited up, and waited. A minute later, Maliki and her were diving off the boat, and swimming downwards. The tanks were full, weights were in, and the breathing was steady.

The fish swam aside as they descended further. A whale shark dove towards them, but was knocked off course by a swarm of silver fish. The shark shook its head, and rode off.

Than Lucy’s feet hit the ocean floor. The sea life flowed around her, and there was a reef feet away. Maliki landed beside her, and nodded, slowly. Lucy made the ’OKAY’ sign with her fingers, and he returned it.

They set off slowly, until a giant gaping hole rested below them. Lucy sighed, and pulled out her slate board.

’We go down?’ She wrote, and Maliki nodded. He wrote back, ’Sadly. U ready?’. Lucy checked herself. Tank, BC, dive computer, mask, regulator. All okay. She nodded, and they descended into the pit.

Turning on a glow stick, she lit up the whole cavern. Sharks- Great White sharks, Leopard Sharks, Megamouths, Basking, Goblin, all of them- lined the walls. They didn’t move, but instead, stared at Maliki and Lucy with their glassy eyes.

Something didn’t feel right, and by the way Maliki moved and acted, he thought the same.

Thats when a Lemon shark, about the size of the whole boat, shot up towards them. It didn’t try to hurt them. The Lucy noticed something. Blood flowed from a long cut in it’s side as it’s glassy eyes shot to all the other sharks. It shot off and the other hungry sharks rushed after it.

The large, hurt lemon shark was to slow for the others. Lucy watched in horror as a Goblin shark ripped its fin off, and the others killed it swiftly.

Maliki and Lucy shared a glance. Something was definitely wrong. It was just their job to find out.

More to come