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Open waters and thunder storms...back in Costa Rica
Scubabunnycr - 8/22/2014 1:52 AM
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Open waters and thunder storms...back in Costa RicaPandora when not cuddling on the sofa!So after a hiatus in england for six weeks I am back in the jungle and into rainy season. Hello giant storm this morning that made my house shake. I do kinda like the storms, but, only if I am safely on a sofa or in bed. I have learnt to gage the size of the storm depending on how close Pandora (dog) wants to cuddle up. If she’s happy on the floor, its a mild storm, if she is trying to get on the sofa then we are medium gauge, and for big storms expect a head in your lap or a butt on your legs. It was a fun one this morning, especially enjoying it, knowing that I have to then drive just over 2 hours to an open water class. Yes, I am teaching open water. For sure as a scuba instructor you’ve got to mix it up a bit and this will be my first open water of the year, exciting!!! Even more so I think as it is a class of 15. I will definitely be calling on help from some friends. FYI, if any of you are reading this and in country please hit me up I need you!!!
This is how far we go, from technical instructor classes to discover scubas and open water.
Today, is just a day of academics so I can get the chance to catch up with this blog whilst the PADI videos are playing in the background. I am happy about that as I have very enthusiastic students who have completed all of the academics as instructed. You would be surprised how many times that doesn’t happen! It’s great as we are then able to move on with equipment assembly, exams etc, all of the fun stuff. Please note that exams are fun for everyone ; )
I am watching the blackish clouds appear on the horizon as I am writing this and hoping it stays off until I have driven back. Maybe I can even squeeze in a walk with the muttleys if its not too crazy in Manuel Antonio when I get back….hmmmm doubtful.

The pool session for tomorrow is at a beach club, that I have discovered is not quite on the beach. The pool is however lined with palm trees and even a volleyball net so there will be no shortage of obstacles to swim around!! I will get ready with my neutral buoyancy skills and might bring the camera for some added amusement, we shall see. it seems very surreal right now to think that about 48 hours ago I had just arrived at the house after a 30 hour plus trip from England. That was a fun trip, enjoying for me what is my best of England, family, friends, animals and food, or more specifically indian take aways. Hence the need for a bit of a detox now that I have arrived back in Costa Rica. Walking, yoga and surf I am sure are going to help with that. Getting immersed in this scuba class will be one way to work on the detox I guess?!