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Diving at the 26, Costa Rica
Oceans - 5/27/2009 5:45 PM
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Diving at the 26, Costa RicaA couple weeks ago, I had one of those dives that reminds you why you started diving!
Even when I sprung out of bed in the morning, I knew it was going to be a good day...we had decided to have an instructor play day out at the 26 one of my favorite dives sites.
Bob, Scott, Tim, Georgia and I practically skipped with our tanks onto the boat, and we could not wait to get out there diving. The 26 is about 20 miles off the coast of Quepos and is a plateau that comes up from the deep 300ft plus waters. Bob managed to anchor the tip of the plateau at about 100 feet. Georgia and I were into our gear so fast and were decending giggling down the line before the rest of the boys had even managed to get into their wetsuits. What a rocking dive! We extended our bottom time using Bob’s "Voodoo Mix" 28% Nitrox. Coming down the line Geo was infront and she saw the beast first, a MASSIVE shark, about twice as long as me and atleast 5 times fatter! Soon we were surrounded by life and looking up at the balls of swirling fish above us, the bottom is covered with reef fish, eels and rays. Too soon we had to make our way back up to the surface only to have a turtle circling us on our stop at the deco bar.
After hanging out on the surface, we had another fantastic dive, this time we brought up another souvenir, our 2nd anchor from the site. Now we have 2 anchors out the front of the dive shop...they both make me smile every time I see them as they remind me of some great diving!

Written by Kat, a Dive Instructor at Oceans Unlimited