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Sailfish diving and PADI IDC prep moving into easter fun
Scubabunnycr - 4/13/2014 5:39 PM
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Sailfish diving and PADI IDC prep moving into easter funThe April PADI IDC is about to start +Oceans Unlimited & Go Pro Costa Rica . 5 slightly nervous, yet excited candidates ready to become instructors. Following the Scuba instructor course there is a speciality instructor training program followed by another technical diver course. Yes, another Tec diving course. More and more popular but we like that. With Easter coming so late this year it has been a long high season and since the beginning of January, Go Pro Costa Rica has been busy, with some fabulous students. Kept me busy, probably more on the computer than in the water for some weeks but someone has to do it. So I’m excited about this coming IDC, as we have some students that have been divemastering with us for the past few months. May is going to be a fun month for me, I am off to the Caribbean to visit some friends and then do some trimix diving. It won’t be long before we have our booster pump installed here and we are running trimix through this tec center. We already have some offshore spots earmarked which are currently too deep to explore with just air and I am counting the days until we can jump in with trimix and really explore. There is something amazingly awesome about heading places that you know that no one else has been to before.
Just last week we had the sailfish tagging group through here again and one again I got to play safety diver, hanging out in the blue, miles offshore, looking into the distance. The ocean was alive that day and I was lucky enough to see, not only the sailfish that were being tagged, but some devil rays, dolphins and one particularly nosy sailfish who was hanging out with me when another was being tagged. One of the great things this time during the process was that we were looking very closely at the behaviour of the sails. At this time of year, quite often, there are thermoclines in the water and it was interesting to see how this was affecting the fish, from the colors of them as they hit the different temps to their movement. I love learning new things and it takes me back to my original certification which was biochemistry and animal physiology. Yes, I was a science geek and proud of it! The tagging project is going to be revisiting the area again and we are hoping with more frequency as they gain sponsorship which means that Go Pro Costa Rica can be helping with the diving aspect of it. More fun, especially blue diving. Something exciting and yet unnnerving hanging out over blue deepness...
Ok, today on this sunday funday we are covering our dive theory review before the IDC really gets underway tomorrow. I’m up to cover physiology next....funny that!