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Inspiration and Bubble blowing during the PADI IDC and Divemaster training
Scubabunnycr - 11/19/2013 6:22 AM
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Inspiration and Bubble blowing during the PADI IDC and Divemaster trainingThe funny thing is that when you actually try and think hard about what to write it never comes easy, and then just as you have switched off the tv, after a completely inane episode of Riduculousness, and yes it makes me laugh, thinking, wow, I really have to head to bed now before class in the morning, you get inspired. The less you think, the more the ideas pop into your head. Or mine do at least. Maybe I am wired differently ? I think I have learnt to accept that and embrace it more over the past few years. Uniqueness is key is it not? Why be the same as everyone else when you can be wonderful?!!! I have to say I am feeling rather inspired right now, partly I believe due to the fact that we are one week into the new season, and the dive center is buzzing with the enthusiasm of our new divemaster trainee class. Yeee haaa!!! We had a good productive few days, fun and games all round. Today was the...5 ....minute ...countdown day. Yes, equipment exchange, the task of swapping all of your dive equipment whilst sharing one air source. Purpose of this extraordinary feat? Problem solving, team work, and when facing an unusual will conquer! Unusual challenges in this part being anything, from clearing a mask with no regulator in your mouth( yes, think that one through!) to passing your BCD to someone one else. and realizing that all of your weight is in it as you take it off! I definitely think one of the funnier moments today was the announcement of one of the divemaster teams that "we should swap our masks underwater one at the time" during the briefing, followed by "when she had her mask off and handed it to me, I realized that I couldn’t put it on until I had taken mine off too, so I had to change my plan...all the time laughing to myself!". I, on the other hand, being the helpful individual that I am had already started laughing after her original declaration. But hey, it is a problem solving task and the teams worked great together and made the exercise appear easy. Goal achieved and 5 points apiece.
With the enthusiasm brimming from all sides it is into the open water tomorrow for instructor presentations. One of the most important dives of the course is first though. The "blow some bubbles and chill" dive as I like to think of it. The importance of enjoying your diving and destressing before taking on a task, certainly for me, helps me clear my head and focus. I am hoping that will be the result of tomorrow for the candidates too!
Good luck in the water guys.....