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High-definition Hemispheric Underwater Camera
mantas - 1/14/2014 10:04 PM
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Ocean Presence Technologies (OPT)

Contact: 831-566-3832


January 10, 2014, Ocean Presence Technologies (OPT) announces a new high-definition underwater camera. “This year promises to be very exciting beginning with the release of the first high-definition underwater hemispheric camera,” says OPT’s President Robert Aston. The OPT-09P is the first of several new high-definition models planned for 2014.

The OceanCam® OPT-09P provides hemispheric viewing, internal recording and captures a 360-degree view without any moving parts. It delivers high-definition picture quality at 30 fps for two 180-degree panoramas and a 1280×960 internally dewarped PTZ window.

The uniquely engineered optically clear polycarbonate hemispheric dome provides distortion free images. The camera uses a 1/3” HD-CMOS sensor and has a maximum image resolution of 3.1 million pixels with a 4x digital zoom.

With hemispheric, single- or double-panorama or simultaneous quad views, the camera can cover a wide area with great efficiency. On-board dewarping software corrects the PTZ window in real-time.
A unique Double-Bore™ sealing system uses concentric o-rings for double protection. Two o-rings protect the housing and camera from boring marine organisms.
The software PTZ feature of the hemispheric camera operates without any moving parts. Reliability as well as its operating temperature range is improved over that of mechanical PTZ cameras. The camera also features an internal DVR (digital video recorder) with a maximum memory capacity of 64 GB; recording over 48 hours of 1080p high-definition video at 30 frames per second.
Ocean Presence TechnologiesOPT designs and manufactures a full product line of high and standard definition underwater IP video equipment. Products include: cameras, underwater lighting, remote power systems, data recorders and wireless network components. Originally designed for research with manta rays, the OceanCam is now being employed in research, education, security and other commercial oceanographic applications. Cameras, underwater lighting and accessories are sold through international distributors and through direct sales staff at the Santa Cruz, California facility.
Samples of underwater video can be viewed from the Animal Planet’s SharkCam in the Blacktip Shark Exhibit of the National Aquarium in Baltimore (
For more information on our full line of fixed lens, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) and high-definition Internet ready cameras, please visit or email: