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12 Pressure Chamber, Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
Magdalena - 11/20/2007 4:16 PM
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Category: Educational
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08 December 1998.

Me and the diving club I was in to at this time went to Karolinska hospital in Stockholm to do a simulated deep dive down to 50 meters in a pressure chamber. This is a perfect experience I can recommend every scuba diver to get!

We sat in to the chamber and went deeper and deeper. It got hoter and hoter and we started to feel the pressure affect our ears, lungs and every piece of our bodies. At aboout 30-35 meters depth I started to feel dizzy, just as you do when you are just a bit drunk. We kept on down to 51 meters.

At 51 meters I was absolutely pissed. I spoke more than I use, and laughted hystericly. The fact that I sounded like Donald Duck did not do it easier to stop. My lungs felt as if they were going to explode any second, but I kept on laughting anyway.

Well back on the "surface" again, about 30 minutes later bevause of the decompressure and safety stops we had to do, we got a lecture with a doctor specilized in scuba diving problems. We got to know everything about injuries, the bends and other problems that can turn up when you do a misstake when diving.

2 hours later everybody still seemed to be alright after the deep dive, so we said goodbye and went home.

I learned a lot during this "dive." Now I know my limits when it comes to depth, and I know that it is a fact - the depth makes me pissed just as if I would be drunk, and that is dangerous. I am never ever diving deeper than just above 30 meters, because that is what I can do and still be safe.