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Diving Lanzarote
Posted by TDSLanzarote
Diving Lanzarote
TDSLanzarote - 4/20/2013 3:49 AM
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Diving LanzaroteAlways wanted to learn how to dive but never had or took the time to do it. Did a lot of traveling all over the world and every place I have been I just looked quickly with a mask and snorkel. Well that changed about 11 years ago, I did my PADI Open Water back in the Netherlands where I am from, becouse I was traveling a month later to Central America and would be two days of on Roatan/Honduras. The water was cold during my course and no visability but I liked it a lot. Than the two days I was of on Roatan, a new world opened for me and I was hooked for the rest of my life, well up till now. I came to Lanzarote through the place where I did my Open Water and all the other courses up till Dive Master. Plan was to stay for 3 months, do my instructors and see what happens after. Well the 3 months is this summer 10 years and I still love it as I just started yesterday. Diving here is beautiful, it might not be as colour full as the Caribic or Eghypt but the amound of fish and the different species is amazing, as well the visability is better over a full year. In the mean time I did a few tours to Eghypt and dived some time with just a few meter vis. Well here on Lanzarote never and due to the amount of under water life keeps me here on the island.