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Diver Down Flag in Florida
SDBR - 4/08/2013 3:18 PM
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Category: Educational
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Diver Down Flag in FloridaJust for your information!!!

When I give lecture content to ANY LEVEL scuba diving student here in Florida, included in that content is the legal requirements for a Diver Down Flag.

Florida Statute 327.331, provides the technical information describing the physical size of the flag for a personal flotation buoy, as well as for a vessel or structure. That statute also includes information as to when; where and how the flag is to be displayed. You can read the statute and make a hard copy for yourself by going to the State of Florida’s website. Knowing that information, as it is written by law, rather than by hearsay, may save you from a citation or accident. Don’t bet your life on other people of your group, or on a boater, knowing the information. Learn it yourself!!!! Pay attention to the wording describing; how the flag is to be attached to the staff; how the stiffening wire is to be situated; the difference in safety distance when on rivers, inlets and navigation channels, compared to waters other than rivers, inlets, navigation channels; number of flags that can be flown; what constitutes the definition of “a diver”.

You will notice that statute only mentions the Red and White flag as a Divers-Down flag, not the Blue and White “Alpha” flag. The full meaning of the “Alpha” flag has been mostly lost in the civilian world.