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Why you should Learn to dive in the Caribbean with PADI
landed - 3/27/2013 8:58 AM
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Why you should Learn to dive in the Caribbean with PADILearning to dive is something that I had wanted to do for some time "come on cal learn to dive !" they would shout - my fellow backpackers, but I never did. Nothing in particular was blocking me and I was prevented once by not staying on one place long enough while backpacking in Australia – I needed a check over by the doctor to declare me fit to dive. These days more is known and now a declaration form can allow you to get diving the day you land.

Things that prevent you from scuba diving.

But what also was stopping me ? When I took holidays later on the time limits imposed and planning just didn’t allow me to explore this and there were no pool ‘try dives’ sessions – again today this is a common thing and PADI has helped organize the diving schools as divers have been appalling in the marketing department. SO now you can take advantage of that Caribbean swimming pool in resort and do a trial dive and you will see exactly how comfortable it is to breathe underwater – alarmingly its easy.

Take a diving holiday in the Caribbean.

But why not go one better and get a trial at home if you are still unsure and then book a Caribbean Diving Vacation expressly to discover the reef and fish life ? You can choose easily a local diving center and enquire at the local swimming pools. Go along and chat to them – they will tell you that you can even start to learn then take your progress and finish up in the ocean !

The benefits of Scuba Diving.

It’s a start at something that will give you the following benefits:
Increased confidence
Increased fitness
Increased organizational skills
A cool PADI DIVER card to show your friends
Make new friends
Being able to scuba anywhere you go (duh)

and many more..

What to expect in a weeks vacation.

In a week you can enjoy your holiday and become a PADI Open Water Scuba Diver, plus start to dive with the dive shop or resort a few times. Two weeks vacation would really start to build your confidence and next year you would be ready to work on the Advanced Scuba Diver course. There is a step you can do even before the Open Water Certificate which is a PADI Discover Scuba Diver day course. You get a very real taste of diving in the real ocean and get accompanied at all times by the divemaster or instructor. This can go towards your Open Water Certificate. This is popular with cruise ship passengers as you do it in a day, your ship docks and you get wisked on a scuba diving adventure ! AMAZING..

So you see with reading a simple internet article you are full of ideas and the spirit of adventure is starting to course through you veins..

To help you get even more of an idea the I suggest you head over to the following website to learn more