Bethlahammer nails Palos Verdes 12-7-2012
hcdiveteambrian - 12/12/2012 11:44 PM
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Bethlahammer nails Palos Verdes 12-7-2012The morning of December 7th provided Bethlahammer with some of the best diving experiences to date. Having thought about the dive most of the night, waking up with a smile was an easy task. I was ready to drive to King Harbor in 20 minutes, normally getting ready would take longer however excitement lay ahead.

With Brian driving I was able to gaze into the fog and traffic and think about the people I would be diving with today. I know that Capitan “Jim” thinks I am “Out of Control” and loves that about me. The other 2 divers Michael and Dylan were happy to have me on the boat. Expecting chilly weather and cold water didn’t seem to be a factor this morning. The only difference I noticed at King Harbor Out of Control!
was the still and quiet waters. I kept thinking ok let’s get going, I am ready to get in the water no matter how cold or rough it might be to some, to me it’s the adventure. Diving in tropical water or crystal clear water is cool, but, I am looking for the real ocean to explore.

Captain ”Jim” of DiverCity came to a stop getting gear on seems like it takes for ever but that’s part of the safety check we must do prior to any dive. Knowing Brian was waiting in the water for me made my next move so important to me. When it was my turn to take the “big Step” all I could do was smile. I knew I could do this and have practiced it in my head so many times. What a thrill for me to finally go off the boat, way out in Palos Verdes.

I guess you would have to see the world through my eyes to see what or how I see life . Some might say, “Oh too much kelp, hell I say WOW bring it on and let me swim through it and see the different colors it holds.” As I went down, I really couldn’t imagine wanting to dive anywhere else at this point. If it was cold I didn’t feel it and if it were surgy I didn’t notice it, so I guess my dive was splendid. When the dive was over for me and we got to the surface, all I could hear was Brian telling me “Good Job”, that I had met my goal for the day. I kept thinking when can I come back and do this again.

Diving is something you can talk about but in order to experience it you must do it. I will be gearing up again very soon and exploring new valleys and living creatures in the deep very soon. It’s how we roll in Los Angeles.