7 Days at Catalina Island Isthmus Cove Diving the Front Side! October 1-7, 2012
hcdiveteambrian - 10/09/2012 8:25 PM
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7 Days at Catalina Island Isthmus Cove Diving the Front Side! October 1-7, 2012Another research plan to fill a 3 day lobster quota of 21 each didn’t work out quite like it was hoped for. A total of 3 bugs were taken by all. A monster calico bass and his relatives swam into the bucket. As usual the weather was outragously sweet, 80′s air temp with gentle breezes, we found between 50-100 feet visibility and 70 degree water temps down to 70 feet deep.

Day 1 the boat heading to Isthmus Cove. Gettin ready for work!

Day 2 DiverCity makes her way East past the Crane Point to just what looked good and turned out to be out of this world great. 3 bugs, 3 fish, 3 dives!! Conditions sweet

Day 3 back to the same area and after 1 dive, Hardcore’s Bethlahammer decides it’s time to get in. Giant Stride entry. Her first dive was in super thick waving kelp laced with leopard sharks, lobster, kelp bass. She almost caught her first lobster!! Water was clear and warm. Her buoyancy was flawlessly perfect. For the first ocean dive she drilled it home! Lounging on the reef

Day 4 was the Isthmus Reef, in a heavy current, clear warm water. Beth wanted in! Her second ocean dive many in the world only dream about. She reached a depth of 36 feet, right on target. She covered the top of one of the most beautiful reefs known to exist. Her second dive and skills she aced!! Congrats to the new Hardcore Diver! Catalina Island

Words can not express the beauty! (That’s the same description this photographer has here!)

diving Catalina Island!
Loggin good times!

Day 5 went back to Isthmus Reef for calicos. Bagged a good ceviche amount, seen a school of barracuda. Couldn’t get close to them. Diving was done for the weekend! 18 tanks.

On the eve of Day 5 Buccaneer Days officially kicks off in full swing!NOT with the biggest cannons!

Rockin the Island

Day 6 recovery. The eve of Day 6, More Buccaneer Days!! they all walked the Plank for grabbin our wenches!

Day 7 DiverCity makes her passage way home! An “Over the Rails” good time week!
In which on the way passing outer Palos Verdes Water is met with Tropical Blue surface. Estimated vis 50+!!