“Three Way Out of Site Dives” Palos Verdes DiverCity 10-21-2012
hcdiveteambrian - 10/22/2012 7:45 PM
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“Three Way Out of Site Dives” Palos Verdes DiverCity 10-21-2012With an early Sunday morning start in heavily dark clouded skies HardcoreDiveTeam DiverCity plows through the slick calm water heading to the farthest reaches of Palos Verdes western edges. the best there is

Dive #1 secret spot and 5 divers meet with extreme good conditions, viz in the 40s and 50s, temps still raging near 70 degrees, giant kelp forest still thriving! An abundance of fish in the way of calico/sand bass, sheephead was darting in and out of the clear water, and legal lobsters waiting around inside of holes for the night to show up. Seen a large octopus for the first time carrying a big rock to it’s lair and as if on National Geographic the cepholopod went in the hole and pulled the rock in to close the door, it was totally cool, no camera shot!! Screams I’m here!

Second Dive was an uncharted undeclared dive site Giving and Receiving Non Stop!
with so much big fish cruisin around, a slight bit of thinning was warranted for scientific analysis, and resident balancing.
The survey turned out excellent.
Vis had dropped some along with the depths in sand along the reefs edge while looking for monster halibut. Another “old” 25lb weight belt was recovered!! And a big chunk of refined zinc.

Gallo Salami and gatorade for re-energizing.

Third dive was solo searching for new and unusual marine life that seem to be currently sprouting up everywhere along the Southern California Diving Coastline! Ceviche!

It was either go the extra mile of constant work getting ready, making the early trip, lugging gear and changing tanks and diving OH YEA!….or head to some hole in the wall pancake breakfast joint to sit around and talk about it. Oh yea!
You know what Hardcore’s choice was, not the triple stack with extra syrup!!