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One World One Ocean: harnessing multimedia for National Seafood Month
RTSea - 10/04/2012 5:50 AM
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One World One Ocean: harnessing multimedia for National Seafood MonthTwo years ago, MacGillivray-Freeman Films, makers of well-received IMAX films, turned their attention to the plight of the oceans and its inhabitants. Spurred on by the concerns voiced by leading ocean conservationists like Dr. Sylvia Earle, they formed a new foundation, One World One Ocean, and a coinciding bold media initiative to utilize a variety of mass communication tools, from 3D IMAX to online interactive programs, for the purpose of enlightening the general public to the challenges facing our marine ecosystems.

One World One Ocean is pursuing a wide range of strategies that touch on different issues. I received information today from the organization regarding their support of National Seafood Month. The purpose of National Seafood Month is not necessarily to promote a greater consumption of seafood - too many species are already being adversely impacted by industrial commercial fishing as it is. No, sustainability is the keystone of this month-long recognition and One World One Ocean has launched a group of educational initiatives that cover several age groups.

Here’s some of what One World One Ocean is launching:

This week, we officially kick off our GO Fish! Campaign – an effort to make National Seafood Month sustainable. Rather than hearing from us about why making sustainable seafood choices matters, we thought you should hear straight from the source.

Introducing Toro the Bluefin Tuna, a fish who’s got something to say about his current less-than-desirable situation. Don’t let his surfer cool fool you his message is sincere.

Populations of western Atlantic bluefin tuna have declined 83% since 1950 due to overfishing. If our consumption rates don’t change, many popular seafood species will likely be wiped out within 40 years.

We want to ensure that Toro and his buddies have a healthy ocean where they can thrive for decades to come.Visit our new GO Fish! hub where we’ll be sharing videos, infographics, blogs, recipes and more, throughout the month of October.

Fishing for some awesome prizes? Enter our video contest or create a sustainable seafood Pinterest board for a chance to win OWOO gear or a GoPro camera!

When it comes to protecting the ocean, even the smallest act can create a big impact. We look forward to making waves with you this October.

MacGillivray-Freeman Films is harnessing their considerable media skills to bring a variety of communication platforms as a means of educating people of all ages regarding ocean conservation. While I do not fully agree with the idea of seafood sustainability (I advocate aquafarming), I do commend One World One Ocean for making people aware of the plight of seafood in today’s high volume commercial fishing industry.

Sustainable seafood may not be the long-term solution, but it could be interim step that may buy us a little time, while we committed conservationists try to get the decision makers to get off their arses and start thinking about the future of the oceans and mankind.

Source: One World One Ocean