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Pumpkin-carving techniques?
Coho - 10/20/2007 8:07 AM
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I`m planning to enter an underwater pumpkin-carving contest. I`ve never tried this before, so am wondering if people might have tips. We can hollow out our pumpkin and draw on it beforehand. We will only be permitted to use a dive knife. I know that pumpkins float, so it will need to be weighted somehow. Are there other things I should be aware of?


Debbie14812 - 10/20/2007 7:27 PM
I did a pumpkin underwater, we had to gut it underwater. i put my pumpkin in a back pack with weight in the back pack (enough to sink the pumpkin) the back pack was mesh and had a draw string on it so I drew it tight enough ,so enough of the pumpkin stuck out to cut it, then after I cut off the top and gut it I turned the pumpkin and did the face. We used kid pumpkin knifes they worked fine. No one else did it this way but all I had to do was float above the pumpkin and created no silt, so vis was great.
DiveRex - 10/20/2007 8:14 AM
Dont use a blunt tip dive knife. I have a stilletto double edged blade dive knife that I use. The fine point helps with better detail. Just take your time and don`t cut off a finger. The pumpkin gets slimy and hard to hold on to under the water. Good Luck!!!

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