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Website Update - Recent Virus Issues
Greg - 8/28/2009 9:18 PM
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Category: Web Site Help
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Hey dive buddies!

Many of you have sent us emails regarding issues with the website today. Thank you for staying on top of this and helping out. After researching the matter, we discovered that someone implanted some script into various places in our database. This is a malicious attack that can only be thwarted and not completely prevented. Many websites suffer from similar issues and the best course of action is to develop code and procedures to reduce the problem, which we did when we first created DiveBuddy. That is why we’ve gone so long without a single problem :) So when it does finally happen, the next best thing we can do is fix it, which we did in about an hour today. No data was stolen and no data was corrupted.

We appologize for the inconvenience. We’ll do everything we can to fix issues like this as quickly as we can if and when they happen again.

BTW, all passwords in our database are anyone that does happen to see our data will only see a garbled mess of numbers, letters and symbols. We don’t store credit card info or social security numbers so there is nothing sensitive to be concerned about. Unless you really don’t want a hacker knowing about the number of dives you’ve made :)

Thanks again and we appreciate your patience and understanding during times like this.


Greg and Becky Davis


nauidiver - 9/06/2009 5:51 PM
Greg -

Hey man I’m glad to hear you got it all fixed up, hated to have to call you today about it but I was not sure that you knew what was going on.

Thanks for all of your hard work for keeping the site up-to-date for us to use!

- Dale
dalehall - 8/31/2009 2:59 PM
Hey Greg..
I was out of town when this happened and didn’t see what was going on.. Did it affect profiles? I had a buddy say he got attacked when trying to look at a profile from a buddy requestor.. Is that part of what happened? His anti-virus caught it, but I’m trying to keep anyone from being afraid of clicking on profiles..
Nautibeagle - 8/29/2009 8:54 PM

Thanks for taking care of it.

I think I visited on the wrong day, but anti-virus update and system restore brought things back to normal.