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Ok Fine!! You made your point
Bigdogdown - 6/03/2009 12:13 PM
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Category: Educational
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To all of you who read my other blog and felt that my feelings were too delicate. YOU"RE WRONG!! I don’t have delicate feelings, my point, was that I didn’t see the need to be exclusive and elitest HERE! I don’t have to have all the buddies in the world, but I thought this was a networking site. A site to share our love of diving with others. I am sorry I was so wrong. I didn’t realize it was so taboo to make new friends on a networking site. So enjoy diving, I will, I’ll see you on the boat. But if you have to leave me a comment telling me whatever excuse you have for being so selective about your buddy list, just consider this, by writing that excuse you are only proving my point for me!


Bigdogdown - 6/05/2009 11:45 PM
Amen Geno Thank you
GenoMc - 6/05/2009 4:01 PM
Scuba 165 says it all !!! To me scuba diving is one of the most awesome activities you could ever experience!! I’m always learning something new when it comes to diving. I have been taught by new divers as well as experience divers. Through my years of diving i have found some divers will always learn but will never show and teach others what they have learned. Whenever a person who claims to truly love scuba diving refuses a buddy request, i feel that there is something not quite right with that diver. Either the diver is scared for some reason or just selfish!! Either way whenever I’m refused or removed from a friend list, i take that as a blessing!! I NEVER want to dive with someone who would not like to dive with me!! Now because of a TRUE LOVE for scuba diving, i will dive and help and teach and show and add ANYONE to my buddy list who loves diving as much as i do!! Again a DIVEBUDDY can be MORE than someone you enter the water with!!
scuba165 - 6/04/2009 12:57 PM

My self, I’ll dive with anyone.

1. The newbie. He’s going to learn from and expereance diver like myself. And if he’s dedacatied he will learn fast.

2. The expereance diver. I like sharing what I’ve learn from other expereance divers.

3. Even expereance divers still have lots to learn.

I myself have my Master Scuba Cert, Rescue, Cert Search & Recovery Cert. etc. with over 280 logged dives in 4 years. you get the point.

But I still have lots to learn. I get tips from newbies and the old timers with over 1’000’s of logged dives with 20 years in the diving field.

I’m open to learning from the old and teaching the new.

Aslong he/she is confadence in there diving. I ’ll dive with them.

Andrew (MSD)