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Parts Headache
TimmyP - 12/08/2008 11:46 PM
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So after many a dive with my new gear, I managed to break my BCD. It was funny, well to my wife anyway, how it happened. We were pulling in the garage and I had laid my BCD on the side to dry out as I usually do. Well I guess I came into the garage at the wrong angle because somehow I managed to hit it and run it over. Thank goodness I had all the air out of it or I would have blown the bladder. Well needless to say there was some damage. HOWEVER, I didn’t realize it until my next dive. I’m getting suited up and checking my gear when I hear a small stream of air coming from my left shoulder. I can’t figure out what the problem is so I, along with the instructor I’m with, decide to give it a whirl. I get out and can’t hold air in my BC. So for the entire 2 dives that day I’m using my breath for bouyancy. Kids, don’t try that at home. Well I finally end the day. Get home and break the BCD Down. I find that my upper airway assembly (the part that attaches to the BCD) has a small hairline crack. Well, I figure hey, it’s a small part, should be a simple fix. Thus begins my quest as I like to refer to it now. It seems that nobody on the Island of Oahu sells Aqualung or SeaQuest products. And I thought this was "The Gathering Place." So, after weeks, literally 2, or searching, I come across a great thing. The Aqualung website. haha Needless to say, this was my first check for parts. I also looked on Ebay. The best I could find was a whole new Airsource, which would have run me around $120 - $150 bucks. Not something I wanted to do since my Airsource itself was in tiptop shape. Well, I just happened to see a "find authorized dealer" button on the Aqualung homepage. I’M IN BUSINESS NOW. So it turns out the first dealer that comes up is literally a quarter mile from my home on Schofield. Ocean Concepts. Now, anyone that has ever talked to me about diving on Oahu know my disdain for Ocean Concepts. Well, I feel vindicated for all the horrible things I said about them. I take my Airsource in and right away he tells me it’s going to be $49.99 for them to look at it and tell me what wrong. I say "No need sir, this assembly is broken, I need a new one." Well he informs me he as to look inside to see if anything in there is broken as well, which is going to be $49.99. Now, this caused me great inner-turmoil. They’re going to replace the ENTIRE ASSEMBLY!!! What does it matter if a piece inside is broken? So then I’m like, well tell me how much it’ll IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT I need a new upper airway assembly. He then proceeds to tell me it will be $85.99 for the piece, $49.99 for the labor, $49.99 for a service, and of course the $49.99 diagnostic fee. For all you math wizzes out there, that’s a shade over $240.00. But wait I say, I can buy a new one for $120 on Ebay. Needless to say I decide to look elsewhere. Surf and Sea in Haleiwa is my next stop. I call on Saturday and find out that their scuba pro won’t be in until Monday. I can handle it, heck, it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve dove anyway, what’s 2 more days. So I go in today to Surf and Sea. Let me tell you. I walk in and right away the guys like, Oh, you need a new upper airway assembly. (I like the way this guy thinks.) I ask him how much this will wind up costing me. Right away he calls the Aqualung Dealer in California. A few short minutes later, he hangs up and tells me the deal. He’s going to Cannibalize one of his new BCD’s he has hanging in the shop to get my stuff up and running, rather than waiting for the new part to come in. The grand total of all this........$22.00. Yes, $22.00. Labor, parts, everything. So needless to say..... I highly recommend Surf’N’Sea to anyone that’s looking for great service on the Island, at least if you have Aqualung and Seaquest equipment. So next weekend, I’ll be back in the waters of Oahu, exploring all the great things the ocean has to offer. Thank you Surf’N’Sea.