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IDC Day 2 (Saturday)
KevinD - 8/09/2008 9:41 PM
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Category: Educational
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Saturday: We started the day with pancakes, thank you Justin. We had a late night. Carl stayed up till 3 am helping one candidate review. I was in bed by midnight. Today we did Confined water presentation and Knowledge development presentation. You could tell the candidates that got help from the staff and those who either went to bed at a good time or felt they did not need it. Needles to say we had a full pool tonight and the classroom is still bussing with people. No one failed but there were a few who were on the edge. The CD are not as hard as I an on them but….The knowledge reviews went just as well. This afternoon after lunch we did Project Aware and Peak Performance Buoyancy. Then they tool the AI test 2. We had one who fail some part of it, but after some remedial he was good to go. Most only missed 1-3 per section. As you may know, some of the questions can be well, not exactly straight forward. We had Lasagna for diner, then we hit the pool. We had all the candidates minus the French crew. The candidates are all looking better, it will only get better.