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William from Santa Rosa CA | Scuba Diver

I am conscientious and especially buddy diving.

I travel to dive but would consider local, and would love someone for home life ultimately. That is harder to sync than playful love in tropical climes diving, though.

I am newly freed up from brick and mortar and operate virtually from anywhere with wifi.

The Caribbean and Hawaii had been favorites for about ten trips each.
2022 Coño island off the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica was amazing last year.
2023 Coiba islands was beautiful, but it is a lot of motoring from Santa Catalina. Next time I go there I’ll stick to surfing. Then the Panama Caribbean at a Bocas del Tora cat wreck was great.

More 2023...I have business and Family travel in Monterey and Laguna Beach California in April, then Paris and Frankfurt the last half of May, ending up in Seattle for my Daughter’s Graduation (masters in counselling) for the weekend of June 9. After that, let’s dive!

...Of course we get to know each other better first :) Hit me up here...I think they will notify me and maybe we’ll make beautiful bubbles together.


WilliZ - 3/22/2023 5:30 PM
2022 - 2023 - 2024

I had great 4 dives in January 2022 at Cano Island off the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, which was a short motor in a full dive boat. We drove most the way from Quepos, then water bussed through interesting bayous to get to Bahia Drake and on to a water taxi from our Resort, and flew out of Bahia Drake. They had a dock and a proper dive boat.

Panama January 2023 was less great...Unfortunately there were no piers for dive boats. It was river and beach entries and exists to leave for dive sites, hour long motors in small full pangas out to Coiba Islands, which are uninhabited. We stayed in the surf/dive village of Santa Catalina, which has an amazing point break. The 6 dives were still worthwhile, and the Santa Catalina Hotel keeps vegan ice cream on hand, which you might get or not at the source next to the great pizza place. I got 2 dives in at Bocas del Toro, where it was fun to come up an old cat wreck at 75’ with schools between hulls.

Single ready for 2024 Phillipines or Indonesia. Any advice on live-aboards for either? It might be fun to do both once already at one or the about all of January, 2024 for you?