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Jeff from Colorado Springs CO | Scuba Diver



Rottekatz - 3/01/2022 8:05 PM
Are you interested in diving local once the water temp gets above 50?
Thevirge76 - 3/01/2022 8:48 PM
I am, but I’m not in Alabama anymore. I was there for five weeks starting in January and then went back to Colorado. Nobody in the Gulf seemed to want to dive when the water was in the 60’s, so I mostly just did places like Vortek.
Rottekatz - 3/01/2022 8:57 PM
I’m in Monument.
Thevirge76 - 3/01/2022 9:00 PM
Oh, okay. What local dives are you thinking about? I’m really not into diving zero visibility spots, and Blue Hole is a little far without an overnight.
Rottekatz - 3/01/2022 11:11 PM
I’ve been diving Chatfield and am thinking of trying Pueblo. Vis at Chatfield id unpredictable but has ranged fro 1 to 10 feet.