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Mike from Montgomery Village MD | Scuba Diver

Hello fellow underwater junkies,

Looking for local divers but I am also willing to do traveling for sites/dive buddies.

I have been OW certified since 2001, but have not done much diving mostly due to school and work; however, I am actively trying to get back into it. Living in central Maryland is proving difficult to find nearby dive sites, hopefully DiveBuddy can connect me with some friends to travel with. Growing up and getting certified in NW PA, any diving was all freshwater, cold, and murky.

My main goals are to get some dives under my belt to eventually maybe work on divemaster training, and do some exploring of course.

Other hobbies: hiking, kayaking, video games, brewing (novice)


Joe_B - 5/07/2022 3:38 PM
Hi Mike, I saw your post. I live in Harford county. Up until this year, Dutch Springs was the best local dive site.
The owner has sold the land to a developer and diving there is going to be limited, no air fills. There is a quarry in Marriottsville Md called Juturna but they are having zoning issues. I will be diving at Lake Phoenix in southern
VA this summer. You can check their web site. I hope to go there in Mid June, they offer camping air ect.
You can reach me @
Miko - 5/07/2022 9:52 PM
Hey thanks. I heard about Juturna Springs through the local dive shop. Lake Phoenix is looking like it might be the best nearest location, sad it’s 3 hours from here though
Joe_B - 3/01/2023 8:07 PM
Juturna Springs is still having zoning issues,I dove there once but it has very limited ammenities.Lake Phoenix is much better, plus they offer 7 days a week camping. Camping early in the week is great, no one is there.