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Hypoxia, Nitrogen Narcosis, Decompression Sickness Quiz
Category: Physiology
Difficulty: Shark
20 questions
Avg Grade: 75%
Physiology is the scientific study of function in living systems. For scuba divers, this means "what happens to human beings underwater". Well, for one thing, we are not designed to be underwater without all sorts of fancy technical gear. We can not breathe water (yet). We have air spaces in our body that compress under the weight of water. Therefore, we need to know a few things in order to stay safe.

This scuba diving quiz is a bit harder than normal, but every good diver should know how being underwater affects their body.

Sample questions include:
Which of the following does not cause hypoxia?
Which statement best describes a diving related embolism?
Inability to concentrate and/or feelings of euphoria at depth are classical symptoms of?

Good luck!