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Ron from Cordova TN | Scuba Diver


Back in the saddle again lol.. I have been out of the diving scene since 2007 and back now.... I am a certified SSI Master Diver and PADI Dive Master. I am interested in persuing Professional Level Certifications in both Open Water and Technical Deep Diving. My interests are wreck diving and underwater archeology (both of which I am still an amateur lol).. Hope to talk to everyone soon

Well my last official dive (Dive #69) was Nov of 2007 and it was a little unorthodox for some ;)... I attended an EMT-B/Dive Medic-A course at the Commercial Dive Academy in Jacksonville, Fl. Me and my dive buddy/patient were pushed to 60 Feet in a Hyperbaric Chamber and we had to take vitals, put the patient on 100% O2 and stick each other with an IV... Anyone who has done this will understand its quite the experience... lol

UPDATE: Just got back from Saint Maarten in the Carribean... WOW... I didnt want to come back lol.. the people are GREAT and friendly.. and the beaches and the food and the place I stayed was out of this world ;)... I DIDNT WANT TO COME BACK LOL.... Planning a trip there in the NEAR FUTURE lol.. and may want to get a boat and teach diving and start another career down there lol.. I didnt do much scuba diving... most of the stuff I wanted to see was done in 20-30 feet visibility so 4 skin diving trips around the island did it for me :)... For wreck divers.... most of the wrecks are on the Dutch side of the island :).. buzz me for more details ;)...

About to formally take my wreck, boat, wave tides and currents and bouyancy classes to prep for my trip to the "Mighty O" SOON!!! I am going to be doing some prep dives also to get me accustomed to the Gulf also before i tackle that beast ;)... Also working on my DIVECON (Asst Instructor portion) and my Tech XR courses now too.... I even have my 2 children taking their Jr. Open Water certs now... So we are going to be BUSY this summer lol... more to come later ;)

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oceanfloor - 7/01/2010 9:24 PM
Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Hopes its a great day for you!! :))
Scubakitty - 7/01/2010 10:00 AM
Happy Birthday! Hope your birthday is as spectacular as the fireworks!
dalehall - 6/11/2010 1:25 PM
Hey Ron..
Thanks for the request.. You’ve been added..
UWnewbee - 5/17/2010 4:07 PM