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Recreational Dive Planner Quiz
Category: Health & Safety
Difficulty: Shark
10 questions
Avg Grade: 72%
The Recreational Dive Planner is designed to allow divers to track the amount of nitrogen they have absorbed into their tissues while diving. This is important because when we ascend, the nitrogen comes out of our tissues and goes back into the bloodstream where it is removed when we exhale. If we absorb too much special methods are required to safely allow the nitrogen to exit our system. Dive tables are designed to keep the amount of nitrogen dissolved in our tissues at a safe level so that we can surface at anytime during the dive.

Use the PADI Manual RDP or Electronic RDP to answer the questions in this quiz.  You can search Google Images for "Recreational Dive Planner" if you do not have one.

Abbreviations used in this quiz:
PG = Pressure Group
SI = Surface Interval
RNT = Residual Nitrogen Time
ABT = Actual Bottom Time
TBT = Total Bottom Time

On repetitive dives, don’t forget to find the RAT!