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Margot from Teaneck NJ | Scuba Diver

Completing PADI instructor certification, getting certifications in advanced nitrox, deco and tec45-50. Looking for exploration and salvage boat diving opportunities. Offering charters, instruction and exploration off NJ and southern and northern LI/NY coasts. Prefer to avoid Dutch Springs unless I’m checking out new gear/configurations.


Spearshell - 8/23/2016 12:56 PM
Have fun with the solo, it’s a passion that I enjoy very much.
AchimH - 7/24/2016 6:03 PM
Hi keep me in the loop when you go diving. I’m kind of in the same situation like you. Have some good friends in Dutch if you are interested.
margotcollins - 7/24/2016 7:07 PM
sure sounds good! Email me so we can coordinate.
AchimH - 7/24/2016 7:33 PM
AchimH - 7/24/2016 7:34 PM
My email is
NORTHEAST - 7/12/2016 12:29 PM
Join us on the INDY II for some Jersey wreck diving!
margotcollins - 7/16/2016 11:54 AM
towards the end of the season ...
jgannaio - 7/09/2016 9:10 AM
Hi. My name is John. I’m a NAUI DM. I’m trying to be in the water as often as possible. I live round the jersey shore exit 90. I’m down for boat diving or inland shallow. What type of diving are you trying to do?
margotcollins - 7/09/2016 7:25 PM
Hi there. I’m trying to tweak my gear (which I all have to repurchase because it was destroyed) and log enough dives to be ready for cave and solo certifications next year. I also want to do NJ wreck diving because it’s a good training ground with the low vis and high currents. I’m up near the GWB but was at exit 83 today for catamaran sailing so I don’t mind the driving. Send me an email and let’s see if we can set something up.
cenotedvr - 7/09/2016 3:16 AM
Getting my solo cert was the best thing ive done in my scuba education so far. Its opened my eyes to a different and safer side of diving. You definitely carry more gear. Redundancy and back ups for everything especially gas supply. I carry a 30 cf bailout bottle on every dive. Solo divers make excellent buddies! Good luck on your solo endeavors!
margotcollins - 7/09/2016 7:22 PM
Thank you!! I’m very excited about it and I think it will be important for cave diving. In the mean time.. trying to get as much dives in as I can this summer and make sure all my gear is tweaked just right.
LatitudeAdjustment - 7/08/2016 8:57 AM
Good morning Margo, If you want to try some Jersey shore diving watch the forum, there’s usually a group diving Shark River in Belmar. During the summer and early fall a 3 mil is enough. These are usually evening dives because of boat traffic and that’s also the best time to find seahorses. If you don’t have a light speak up because there are usually extras.
margotcollins - 7/09/2016 7:21 PM
cool thank you so much for the info! Yes I would love to do some Jersey shore diving, and evening sounds interesting! I will keep an eye on the forum, if you happen to hear of a group dive, do let me know!