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Scott from Shrewsbury MA | Scuba Diver

Paramedic. Own a 21’ center console that is fantastic for diving with 4 step center post ladder and lots of open deck space. Lobster and newer buddies need to be safe and follow directions. I am always willing to adapt the dive to your comfort level. The goal is to have fun. Scallop buddies must be self-sufficient with good navigation skills. You must have a MA lobster license. I don’t share mine. You must have all your own equipment and bags and contribute to the gas and launch fees. I’m not a cheaper alternative to a charter boat.


Jay0419 - 16 days ago.
Hi Scott, I am in Shrewsbury also, and looking to start my adventure in cold water diving. I’ve heard that Cape Ann is pretty good. I have a few dozen warm water dives and been doing a lot of research on cold. Do you have a crew that goes regularly, and I assume it’s a split for fuel?
decapoddiver1 - 15 days 8 hours ago.
Hi there. Yes, Cape Ann is great with lots of stuff to see and do. Plenty of good shore dive spots. I do have a pretty regular crew of people I’ve been diving with for anywhere from 5-20 years. We all share the same mindset of being safe, having fun, obeying the rules etc and focus on lobstering and scalloping. None of us are interested in wrecks but there are some fun ones to do in New England if that’s your thing. We split gas, launch fees etc. The boat owner shouldn’t have to subsidize the people who get to enjoy diving off his boat. lol
DanSinks - 12/27/2018 9:36 AM
Scott, I like your boat, it looks like a good dive platform with the center console!
I want to build a tank rack behind my seat, having 3 divers with 2 tanks each would be getting crowded on my walk-around-cuddy, (I prefer to not have anything in the cabin) it is a goal this year to get better organized for diving. Maybe you can make some suggestions to help me. Dan
decapoddiver1 - 15 days 8 hours ago.
I would look into a vertical tank rack. Takes up much less space and less chance of loose toes tripping over valves. My boat has a 4 tank horizontal rack under the leaning post/cooler that works alright but dang it likes to eat toes. I also have a 4 tank vertical rack that can be strapped a few different places.