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Eric from Wayne NJ | Scuba Diver


Hi everyone! I’m Eric from North Jersey. I am an avid adrenaline junkie who renewed his interest in diving last summer. I upgraded to nitrox and I enrolled in a NAUI Master Diver program. I also completed a NAUI Rescue Diver skills course and had a good time practicing skills I won’t hopefully need. I completed the DAN PD (Professional Divers) Course which updated my CPR/1st Aid while at the same time adding Oxygen Provider, Advanced Oxygen Provider, AED (automatic external defribrillators), Hazardous marine injury treatment and on-site neurological and health assement certifications. I also got my NJ-State EMT-B certification as well and am currently working on going to paramedic school.

In addition to going to Dutch Springs, I ’ve been doing wreck dives off the NJ coast and have found a lot of interest in spearfishing. My first go at it yielded a nice size Tautog and a eel that I ended up turning into dinner for 8. So having a good time AND being able to come home with dinner has been fueling my interests lately. It’s what I like to call "maximizing your diving dollar" -coming home and having something to show for it.

I am a competent individual and accomplished motorcycle racer and mechanic. I believe in good planning, being well equipped and being with the right people whenever possible. I have a relatively low number of dives but am looking to increase that as much as I can in the near future. My number of dives listed also doesnt take into account the fact that I do underwater pool repair work so sprng to fall I literally dive every day, sometimes two to three times a day.

I am looking for experienced divers who can help me hone my skills and teach me new things. I did professional motorcycle race track instruction as well as basic rider instruction on the street so I know the value of being with people that are good at the task at hand. But that said, I am not opposed to also meeting other people in a similar situation as myself and doing some planning and learning together. So don’t hesitate to hit me up even if you are relatively new to things.

I have all my own equipment and dive with a pony tank for safety and find it hard to believe why anyone wouldn’t dive with a pony tank or some form of spare air. 

As an EMT, I also bring along a full Basic-Life-Support kit including oxygen and basic trauma equipment. I recently added an AED to my equipment list as well.

I also love to travel and don’t mind road trips at all. Feel free to drop a line whenever and thanks for looking!




muddog357 - 8/23/2009 6:46 AM
Thanks for adding me to your Dive buddy list
dalehall - 7/13/2009 1:39 PM
Thanks for the add and welcome to DiveBuddy.. Actually, the manatee in that pic is "Manny." He’s our club’s rubber mascot that goes on all our trips with us.. We always make sure to get a picture of him with us or with something in the area.. He’s a well traveled manatee.
nauidiver - 6/30/2009 4:35 PM
Eric -

Welcome to Dive Buddy
Thanks for the add!

- Dale
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