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Photos > Thailand
Dolphin Divers
Bubble maker in Koh Chang, Thailand
Whale shark in Koh Chang, Thailand-Oct2017-
Whale shark in Koh Chang, Thailand-Oct2017
Whale shark in Koh Chang, Thailand
Snorkeling around Koh Rok Thailand
Hin Duang, Hin Muang
Hin Duang, Hin Muang
Hin Duang, Hin Muang
Anenomefish, Similan Islands
Glassfish Pinnacle, Koh Bon
Bearded Scorpionfish
Cuttlefish, Richelieu Rock
Magnificent Anenome, Similan Islands
armored nudi ;)
cruising nudi
king of the hill
love the green color on this one
lion fish
nap time
quit bugging me
saw 5 types of lionfish while diving in Thailand, think this one was my favorite
head shot of a purple dragon nudi
head shot of a blue dragon nudi
full body shot of a dragon nudi
old red eyes
one of my favorite pix from my last trip to Thailand
looks like feathers
one shy, and one not so shy
the purple on these anemones was unreal
under the ledge
Set to jet. chilled for the longest time just watching me, before finally slowly swimming away
another totally cool nudi (very small)
teeny tiny nudi. one of my favorites in Thailand
lliked these little guys for some reason
another nudi
nudi making the climb
colorful soft corals
here fishie fishie
reminded me of cotton candy
not really sure...but they looked cool